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Meet your coach

Hi!  I’m Dr. Steph

Child Psychologist and now … Parenting Coach

I help parents know when to step back and when to step in to raise resilient children.

Parents in our culture do not have a ‘village’ to advise them on childrearing. I want to share with parents the strategies and tools needed to raise healthy, resilient children.  Although parents may say they, ‘just want their kids to be happy,’ the truth is that no one can be happy without being able to weather the ups and downs that life throws at us. Resiliency is my goal for children.

I feel certain that lack of resiliency is a great contributor to the current mental health crisis in teens and young adults.  Resiliency is an attribute that can be cultivated at an early age to help children manage future challenges.  My mission is to help parents know when to step in and when to step back to raise resilient children.

I had always felt that greater understanding could help children maximize their potential for healthy adjustment. Further, I believed that a healthy childhood could lead to fewer issues as adults.  So I went to graduate school for child psychology.  I studied child development of the whole child, both in the family setting and in the school setting.


I believe that teaching parents strategies to address their child’s challenges is the most powerful way to impact children’s lives and health.

To top off my child psychology training, I had children of my own. I was a stay-at-home mom for a while, and then worked while my kids were at school.  I lived with the everyday challenges and struggles of raising children. My children were different from each other. I had to use different strategies and mindsets to meet each of their needs.  My greatest challenges were in reining in my knee-jerk reactions and coming up with solutions that were helpful to both me and my kids. 

 I made my share of mistakes.  I persisted, though, to problem-solve and come up with better solutions.  My child psychology background helped me sift through the many child-rearing ideas out there to arrive at those that were grounded in solid psychological and developmental understanding.  I tried a variety of strategies.  I share the best strategies with the families I work with.  

Dr. Steph and her kids

The Programs

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Mini membership

Better Behavior Toolkit

$27 monthly

When your child(ren)’s behavior is under control, you can enjoy them more and do more fun things with them.  What could be better ?

There is no one strategy that works for every situation in which you need good behavior from your child(ren). This mini-membership will give you different tools to manage your child(ren)’s behavior in a variety of situations.  

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main membership

Chaos to Calm

$47 monthly

Families having difficulty with daily routines, children not helping out or listening, too much yelling and arguing can transform from chaos to calm with this membership.  

A self-paced program to tackle and master one daily routine at a time before moving on to the next one.  

Mini Products

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Taming Tantrums


A Mini-Masterclass where you will learn:

1)  How to manage tantrums when they happen.

2)  Tools to help you PREVENT tantrums from happening.

Mom and kids on hike

All About Anxiety


Anxiety is a huge issue now for parents and children.  In this mini-course I will explain how anxiety works. Then I will give some strategies parents can use to help their kids build resilience and keep anxiety at bay.


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Bedtime Blueprint:

3 Days to Independent Sleep

without Tears


Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the family went to bed peacefully and slept through the night in their own bed?  This quick and intensive mini-course will walk you through specific steps to end bedtime drama and musical beds in the middle of the night. Enjoy some adult time in the evening after the kids go to sleep!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

A: In therapy, I would do a clinical assessment of your child, give them a diagnosis, and start treatment from there. In coaching, I guide parents on managing typical parenting issues with their child using general parenting strategies.

Q: How do I know if coaching is right for me and my family?

A: The great advantage of Dr. Steph being both a therapist and a coach is that I will tell you whether coaching is right for you, or if therapy would be more appropriate.

Q: Could my family see Dr. Steph for therapy?

A: No.  Dr. Steph only offers parent coaching from this site.