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Dr. Steph Fields

Welcome to Straight Talk Parenting with Dr. Steph Fields


I always wanted to be a mom, and that dream finally came true when I was 36 💜

Until that time, I went to graduate school to study Child Psychology. ⁣
By the time my first baby came, I already had my Ph.D. and thought I knew everything about kids, but I was wrong!😅 I learned so much about being a mom by talking to other moms who had more experience than me. ⁣

I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom when my kids were little, and worked part-time while my children were at school.✨ I increased my hours as they got older, but was always home for them at the end of the school day. ⁣

Throughout this time my mentor at my psychology practice, Saul Fisher, Ph.D. guided me in helping my client families develop structure and routines that would foster health and resilience in their children. 💪🏼
I took all of that information and applied it to my own parenting. 🫶🏼

My kids are out of the house now, launching themselves into lives of their own making. My daughter is away at college, and my son has begun his career after graduating from college last year. ⁣

Which is why I realized this was a great time for me to expand my reach and share all my knowledge and experience as both a psychologist and a parent! 😆

I am proud and excited to launch my Parent Coaching business. This will be a hopeful and fun way to share what I have learned throughout years of experience.⁣

My goal is to help parents know when to step in and when to step back to raise resilient children 👧🏻🧒🏼👦🏽👧🏼

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